About Me

The mother


I’m Summer Smith, a native of the Pacific Northwest, who now lives in Northern Virginia with my husband of thirteen years, and our four children. I whimsically like to describe myself as an amateur ventriloquist, novice roof top parkourist, intermediate caffeine enthusiast, seasoned observational humorist, and eternal motherhood optimist. I realize I may have to explain a few of those descriptors at a later date. ūüôā To know me is to know that I am tall and possess a loud laugh that I have always referred to has my “hard laugh.” I won’t sugar coat it….it’s not ideal¬†for a variety of public venues. ūüôā I’m a speaker, a Listen To Your Mother story contributor, and a¬†short story style blogger.

I have always been a story teller. From an early age I would hand write books that circulated amongst a following of devoted 13 readers, and it was then that I first caught the writing bug.¬†I¬†don’t have a singular approach to my story telling. Most of my older¬†stories were parenting observations;¬†written from the perspective of¬†a character I referred to as The Mother. Some of my stories are sentimental tales featuring¬†the¬†adventures of my past self…..¬†Summer Friend (yes, that was my actual birth name.) Recently, I have returned¬†to more lighthearted first person encounters with my children, The Boy (9), the Blonde (7), the Brunette (5), the Baby (4), because at the end of the day I think we all just need to¬†laugh more.

We are in this together people. Let’s not pretend parenting perfection is achievable, but instead let’s embrace every¬†moment of motherhood as a journey of adventure. An adventure we were meant to be experiece in full and glorious technicolor!

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